About Me

I am a Researcher at the National Research Council of Italy.
My main research interests are in machine learning for complex networks, with a focus on Dynamics On & Of Networks, Social Network Analysis, and Science of Success.


I am a member of the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory (KDD-lab in short) a joint research team that connects the Computer Science Dept. of the University of Pisa and the ISTI-CNR (National Research Council)



Here, you can find links to my papers, talks, and software. Moreover, if you want to be updated on my activities just add me on Research Gate, Linkedin and/or give a look at my Google Scholar page.

2021 Publications Updates

  • Rossetti, Giulio; Citraro, Salvatore; Milli, Letizia. Conformity: A Path-Aware Homophily Measure for Node-Attributed Networks. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 36 (1), pp. 25–34, 2021.

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